Fairy Steps

If I had to think of a favourite family activity, top of my list would be a walk and a pub lunch.  To my mind there is nothing better than getting the children out in the open air and enjoying some quality time together away from the stresses of modern life.  Time out from from laptops, mobile phones, ipads and just walking, talking, enjoying beautiful landscapes and exploring nature can create days to remember……and when combined with a great lunch and a pint at the end, everyone is a winner.

Here at the Wheatsheaf we are slap bang at the start of a beautiful short walk which leads to a truly magical landmark – The Fairy Steps.  The Fairy Steps are a flight of naturally occurring lime stone stairs squeezed between two sheer rock faces, they are named as such because legend has it that should you climb or descend the steps without touching the sides of the narrow gully the fairies will grant you a wish.

These steps have been an attraction to the area for over a hundred years, back in the late Victorian times coach loads of tourists would arrive in the hope of having their wishes granted by the fairies.  And now, although most are slightly more sceptical in this legend, my children had never been keener to don their walking boots and get started on a walk.

The walk starts at our carpark and leads you down the lane past beautiful old cottages and the Grade 1 listed church. Through a very muddy field and into the woods you will find an old abandoned tumbled down cottage which in itself can create magical scenes in the children imaginations.

The path leads onwards and upwards and is helpfully signposted half way to point you in the right direction.

Once at the steps you will not only enjoy the fun of trying to navigate down the gully without touching the sides but you will be treated to a beautiful view across the Bay estuary.

The walk all in all from the pub door and back round again is just 2 miles, just long enough for little legs.  A just long enough to feel like you have earned a refreshing drink and a hearty lunch.  Maps of the walk are available at the bar so please call in and take one before starting your adventure.

Wellies and boots are advisable as it can be quite muddy in places.  Muddy boots and wet paws are welcome in the pub at the end of your walk.