Look at our Lovely Rooms

We are now the proud owners of 4 beautiful bedrooms.  Over the past 2 months we have had a team of tireless local tradesmen and women converting our 4 tired old bedrooms and bathrooms into beautiful and comfortable places to rest your head of a night.  The rooms have been transformed into spaces of comfort and light, with traditional features which reflect the 400 years of the building but with modern conveniences.  The rooms have been stripped back to their bare bones, several layers of wall paper stripped away, floor boards brought back to life and bathrooms reinvented.

Each and every time I walk into the rooms I am just blown away by the care and attention to detail our team took at every phase, as pain staking as it was not a corner was cut, everything was done right and properly.  Creative ideas were brought to the project which add a quirky twist to each room and help to bring to life the character of each of the spaces.  Each room is individual and over the 400 years you feel they have their own story to tell and even though we occupy them now, we are just a drop in the ocean in what these walls have seen.

We are so thrilled to be the current custodians of these bedrooms and are bursting to share them with everyone, so book a room for the night, or if you just want a nosey, please ask – we are dying to show them off!