Support Our Andy!

I know lots of our followers are huge fans of our fantastic Manager Andy, always ready with a smile, a joke and a great sporting fact!
Andy has set himself a huge challenge this year and would love it if you could support him in his pledge to run the Manchester Half Marathon. He has quite the story behind this and if anyone can help with a donation in anyway I know Andy will be chuffed to bits.
We will update the page with his progress 🏃
Andy’s Story
So at the start of the year during Lockdown 3 i set my challenge to get into shape by walking everyday. This then changed as lockdown went on to getting out running around the local lanes and i thought i needed a challenge down the line to keep me motivated. I thought why not do something that can raise money for good causes and keep my fitness plan going.
I had looked and seen that the Manchester half marathon was taking place and after a phone call with Joe decided that it was something that we could do. He has ran a couple before and so can drag me around and be the support on the road that will be needed.
The charities that have been chosen are ones that are causes that are always going to need the support to keep them going and to keep them able to offer the level of care and service that they do.Without Alder Hay there is a very good chance that i wouldt have my little brother Billy here today. He contract sepsis and having downs syndrome it effected him very badly, he spent a good amount of time in Alder Hay and i am glad to say that he is here today and growing up like nothing ever happened. The air amburlance is something that you never know if you are going to need or not and so i always want to support the efforts that they put in because just one day it might be me.
I have a personal goal on time that i want to achieve but that is really nothing in comparison of just wanting to finish and earn as much for charity as possible.